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Basic concept

OKS-Tech Japan Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "we", "our", "us") recognizes the importance of personal information and considers that it is our social responsibility to protect personal information. We comply with Japanese laws (hereinafter referred to as "law") and internal rules regarding personal information and properly acquire, use and manage personal information handled by us, then work on continuous improvement.

Handling of personal information

  • Clarification of the purpose of use
  • We clarify the purpose of use of personal information and utilize it within the scope of the purpose.

  • Restriction on the use for unintended purpose
  • We will not use personal data for any purpose other than the purpose of use or provide personal data to a third party, unless we obtain prior consent of the customer or except as otherwise provided by law.

  • Proper acquisition
  • We acquire personal information by lawful and fair means.

  • Ensuring accuracy
  • We strive to keep personal data accurate and up-to-date.

  • Safety protection
    • We take security measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, loss, destruction, falsification or leakage of personal information.
    • We establish rules and manuals regarding the handling of personal information and provide guidance and supervision.
    • We will provide guidance and supervision to conduct appropriate management in the same way as we do in our company, when we outsource the processing of personal information to a third party.
  • Disclosure, correction, deletion, etc.
  • When you request to disclose, correct or delete your own personal data, we will respond to the request according to the Act on Protection of Personal Information, etc.

Matters to be announced based on "Act on the Protection of Personal Information"

We announce the following matters based on "Act on the Protection of Personal information" in Japan regarding the personal information we retain.

  • Purpose of use
  • We use the customer's personal information within the scope of the following purposes.

    • To conclude and perform the contract about providing products/services and after-sales services, and to execute our business appropriately
    • To protect the security of our customers and employees
    • To deliver invitations and information by mail, telephone, e-mail, etc., about products and services, etc. handled by our company
    • To carry out questionnaire surveys by mail, telephone, e-mail, etc., in order to develop products, start new services or plan measures to improve customer satisfaction
    • To consider and develop the software/system/facilities/devices etc. for new products/services and protecting the security
    • To respond to inquiries, opinions and requests sent from customers about products, services, etc., handled by our company

    If we intend to use customer's personal information for any purpose other than the above, we will notify you of the purpose of use in advance, and we will not use it for unintended purposes without the consent. In addition, in connection with outsourcing of our business, we may provide customer information to the outsourcing company to the extent necessary for the business. In that case, we will conduct appropriate supervision, such as signing a contract, etc., on information handling with the outsourcing company.

  • Provision to a third party
  • We do not provide personal information acquired from customers to a third party, except in the case described in the previous section or any of the following.

    • When the consent has been obtained from the customer
    • When it has been based on laws and regulations
    • When it is necessary to protect a human life, body or fortune, and when it is difficult to obtain the customer's consent
    • When it is particularly necessary to improve public health or promote the sound development of children, and when it is difficult to obtain the customer's consent
    • When it is necessary for a central government organization or a local government or a person entrusted to cooperate in carrying out the affairs prescribed by the law and when there is a risk of affecting the execution of the affairs by obtaining the consent of customer In addition, when providing personal information to a third party located in a foreign country, we will obtain your consent in advance, unless permitted by law, etc.