Our Vision

Looking around the city, many people now have smartphones.
Until decades ago, it was extremely difficult to realize information terminals such as smartphones.
Technology and knowledge in various fields have been accumulated, and the design has become one and the present form.

Many new discoveries will be born from now on, and we will accumulate that as our specialty technology.
It exists as a matter of course like water and air, and if you look closely, we have the future there...
We will create such products and services to bring the future within reach.

Our Business

Software development

Software development

Our specialty is the development of embedded software and firmware for microcontrollers. Due to various requests in recent years, we are also developing software other than embedded systems.

  • Firmware for microcontrollers (ARM system, Renesas, PIC, etc.)
  • Driver for sensors and peripheral hardware
  • Software and driver that runs on a specific OS for single board computers
  • PC software and Web applications for embedded device control
  • Collective development including hardware specification examination and design

FPGA development

FPGA development

Prototype and mass production hardware development using FPGA is also our specialty. Mainly, we have many achievements in Cyclone series of Intel (Altera), MAX V / MAX10, ZYNQ of Xilinx, and Spartan series. We have a business alliance with J-7 SYSTEM WORKS Co.,Ltd in Japan. and sell various FPGA boards as an authorized distributor.

  • Logic design by hardware description language such as Verilog HDL / VHDL.
  • Development of original IP cores for high-speed I/F, image processing systems, and other peripherals
  • Verification work of IPs provided by other companies and other IPs
  • Selection and proposal of FPGA that matches the customer's application

Hardware design

Hardware design

We are also designing hardware, so we can respond to various requests from hardware to software at once. We support from trial production to mass production, from new design to customization of your product.

  • Circuit design, board design (digital circuit / analog circuit)
  • Hardware performance evaluation and verification work
  • Customization of customer's existing products
  • Proposals for selection of electronic components and modules, board mounting

Development Cases



Jointly developed with TRA, which develops the Cheero brand famous for mobile batteries in Japan. We were responsible for the trial development of internal circuits, focusing on the fantastically shining three-color LED illumination part.

Business in charge:

  • Circuit design (illumination part, power supply part)
  • Firmware development

Cheero Sleepion (First model)

Cheero Sleepion

As the second joint development with TRA, we had entrusted with everything from equipment specification formulation to circuit / board design and firmware development. We had also supported mass production including inspection jig development and performance evaluation. Currently on sale at Amazon.

Business in charge:

  • Equipment specification formulation
  • Circuit design (digital and analog circuit)
  • Board design (prototype board, mass production board)
  • Microcontroller firmware development
  • Performance evaluation, reliability evaluation
  • Inspection specification formulation, inspection jig development

Digital signage system

Android porting

We developed the digital signage system was conbined with an industrial touch panel and ARM-SoC single board computer. It is running the latest version of Android-OS (Android 8.1) at the time.

Business in charge:

  • Selection of single board computer
  • Linux and Android-OS (AOSP) porting
  • Linux device driver development

Hot water control system by FPGA on railroad vehicle

FPGA power control

Power control of vehicle equipment installed in luxury sleeper train "Twilight Express Mizukaze" currently running in western Japan is realized using a processor on FPGA and our software.

Business in charge:

  • FPGA logic design (Altera CycloneIV / QuartusII)
  • Nios II firmware development

Replacement of old/discontinued MCUs with FPGA

FPGA replace system

We create a new and scalable system by emulating the old or discontinued microcontroller and its peripherals with an FPGA.

Business in charge:

  • FPGA logic design (Xilinx Spartan-6 / ISE)
  • Development of FPGA configuration tool for Windows (Java)
  • Program development by Z80 assembler

Other cases

  • Smart lock system (Firmware development of Bluetooth-LE MCU)
  • Debugging DDR memory access for automotive testing FPGA Boards
  • Jet engine characteristic measurement equipment and control software for Windows
  • FPGA board development for thermal printer control, software development for Nios II
  • Smart speaker cooperation device (circuit design and firmware development)
  • Remote monitoring/control system for industrial equipment
  • Inspection jig for semiconductor devices equipped with high-speed I/F


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About Us

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June 2016


Takahiro FUJITA


6-3-32 Nishinakajima, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 532-0011 Japan